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When you have an important position to fill, you might have wondered whether professional recruiting firms are worth the cost. Perhaps you believe that human resources is fully capable of finding the right candidates. This might be true in some cases and for some positions. However, a special type of search expert might be required to get the results you need to grow the business.

Using these types of search firms have long been a practice for large corporations. Now more than ever, small and medium-sized companies are realizing the benefit of paying a consultant to develop accurate job descriptions and find a pool of qualified candidates.

Besides vetting references and speeding up the hiring process, recruiters bring other benefits that makes this resource a valuable investment.

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Recruiters Have Special Knowledge of the Market

One thing recruiters bring to the table is a solid understanding of the job market beyond the needs of your company. They keep their finger on the pulse of the markets in which they specialize as well as the entire hiring landscape. Generally, they have answers to why you had trouble finding the right candidate on your own. Recruiters know how to reach out to available talent because they know where these people are located.

Everything that motivates candidates to accept or decline an offer is known. Salary rates, expectations for career advancement and skillsets are all part of matching the right candidates with the right new employer. This type of information is not readily available simply because you post an ad announcing a new opening. With recruiters, you have a partnership with someone who will become your eyes and ears in the job market.

Recruiters Can Reach More Candidates

The extended reach of recruiters is invaluable for finding the perfect candidate. No matter how you advertise job openings, some candidates are simply hard to find. Some are passive while others are very selective. Typically, candidates who choose not to respond to job postings are either too busy to conduct full-time job searches or simply do not consider themselves as part of the talent pool you want.

Most likely, these same candidates have relationships with recruiters they trust. Even the ones who are not actively looking for a new position are known to recruiters. Long before you began your search, employment agencies have built solid networks to leverage when it is time to connect people.

Cultivate your own partnership with a recruiter so you can have access to attracting, hiring and retaining the best in your industry when the time is right.

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