Hiring Specialty Cleaners for Your Clinic

As a healthcare professional, you have a lot on your mind. First and foremost is the well-being of your patients, as well as your staff. You also have to be concerned about the condition of your equipment and facilities. A clean facility is not only essential for protecting the health and safety of senior staff and patients, but it also presents a professional image to visitors.

In most cases, it makes sense to hire a third-party cleaning service to maintain your clinic or office. This is because your staff is trained primarily in providing healthcare, not professional cleaning. But it often isn’t enough just to hire any cleaning company. You will want to hire a team that specializes in clinical settings.

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Here’s why:

Cleanliness Standards

What is considered “clean” in a private home or nonmedical business setting is not going to cut it in a medical office. Standards are exacting, because of the fact that people with illnesses are coming into your facilities, specimens are being taken and everybody can be vulnerable to infection.

A specialist cleaning company knows how to clean in a way that meets best practices in your industry. This includes using special wipes and cloths and disposing of them properly. It also means learning how to properly clean expensive medical equipment to keep it sanitary.

Privacy Concerns

In a medical office, there are unique privacy concerns. These concerns are addressed in federal regulations such as HIPAA and standards set by the Joint Commission. Cleaners, such as those employed by Mid City Cleaning, must be trained to be respectful of patient privacy, particularly in situations when the cleaners are in the clinic at the same time as patients. In addition, patient records must also be respected.

Considerations When Researching Services

When researching clinic cleaning services, keep a few things in mind. First of all, ask how they screen their employees. Does the cleaning service do criminal background checks? It’s important to make sure that your cleaners are trustworthy and are not likely to be tempted by access to medical records, medical equipment or medications. In addition, find out how the service trains its workers to clean medical equipment and what procedures it uses to protect the workers from infection. Finally, ask for references from other medical offices and check these references to learn whether your professional colleagues are happy with the service.

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